This event is made possible by the following amazing organizers.

Pascal Birchler

Pascal is a student and web developer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He’s been working with WordPress for half of his life and is passionate about helping other people. As a WordPress core committer he has most recently been improving updates and internationalization features in WordPress. As an avid community member he also speaks at various conferences and helps co-organize the local meetup.

Matthias Kurz

Fachinformatiker, IT-Projektleiter, mag Pinguine, liebt Berlin und schreibt bei

Stefan Brechbühl

Stefan is a proud husband and father of a young boy. About 13 years ago he did an apprenticeship at a printing plant. Today he works for the federal administration and is responsible for printed materials. He currently working on improving the accessibility of PDFs that are published by his employer.

Stefan is passionate about designing things for print as well as for the web. He taught himself web design and develops themes for @wpzoo. You’ll find him on Twitter as @pixelstrolch.

Simon Bärlocher

Simon first came into contact with WordPress in 2010. At that time, he created his first page with WordPress, which was developed as a side project for school. Later came the creation of themes and plugins for friends and acquaintances. Meanwhile, he manages WordPress pages for customers on his own developed hosting cluster.

You can find him on or @sbaerlocher

Gerd Zimmermann

Gerd has been using WordPress since 2009. Starting with the administration of the website of his company, he now builds websites for small businesses and friends & family. He has been helping as the co-organizer of the WordPress Meetup in Bern for the last two years. Currently Gerd is working to build up to support WordPress-Users and take care of the maintenance of a whole series of WordPress sites.

You can find him on Twitter under @wpgerd

Andrew Liyanage

WordPress Freelancer | WordPress lover | WordCamp & WordPress MeetUp Zurich Co-Organiser.

Andrew is currently working at and took over the project lead on the new blog. Ever since he finished his bachelor thesis on WordPress as an eBusiness solution he spends most of his time learning and developing his skills on WooCommerce projects.

Marc Wieland

I’m a Swiss Web Developer working in a small agency in Chur, the eastern part of Switzerland. I build websites for small and medium-sized enterprises based on WordPress. Besides that I’m working part-time as a multimedia producer. Video is my second passion. Sometimes after or even before work I go out and take landscape photos or time-lapses.

Ulrich Pogson

Ulrich is a dedicated WordPress contributor, especially as a Key Code Reviewer for the Theme Review Team. He started the WordPress Meetup in Bern @WPBern and has his own multilingual e-commerce store @WPZOO selling WordPress Themes and Plugins. Currently employed by required.

You can find him on Twitter under @grapplerulrich

Stephan Zurfluh

Stephan Zurfluh is a travel agent with GuS.Reisen and has created a large number of WordPress websites for them over the last couple of years. He also works on a local platform in the Baden region and organizes a Meetup there every eight weeks. Stefan’s hobbies are playing the guitar and swimming.

Patricia Brun Torre

Patricia is involved in WordPress since 2013, co-organising the popular monthly WordPress meetups in Geneva. Her experience with WordCamps has been speaking and volunteering on previous years. She adores everything related to communities and human-centered projects. In other words, everything open-source allowing everyone to have a voice is dear to her heart. WordPress aligns perfectly with those values

Mark Howells-Mead

Mark has been using WordPress since version 1.0 and is a keen collaborator in the Swiss WordPress community. He moved to the Alps in 2001 and has built a career around CMS-driven websites, with a particular focus on plugin development, frontend development and user interface concept work. Mark has been blogging at since 2004 and is Head of Development at WordPress agency cubetech.