About WordCamp Bern 2017

We’re delighted that the next Swiss WordCamp is being held in Switzerland’s federal city!

Here in Switzerland, the regular WordCamps bring people together from all over: not just the French-, Italian- and German-speaking parts of the country, but from all over Europe. The central location of WordCamp Bern will bring everyone together in a UNESCO World Heritage city, to share and learn all about WordPress.

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Support the WordPress Conference in Switzerland

Sponsorships come with free tickets to the conference, so your team can meet some of the brightest minds in the industry, market your company, and show your company’s support for the community.

WordCamps are non-profit events, organized by people from within the community on a voluntary basis. We rely to companies to support us so that we are able to organize these events.

Whether your company is built around WordPress, or you and your customers love WordPress, WordCamps are a great opportunity for companies and individuals who benefit from a free and open source software like WordPress to give back to the project that gives them so much.

Check out our Call for Sponsors to get your company’s logo here on the front page as one of the many perks.