Our WordCamp shirts

At the next Swiss WordCamp in Bern on Saturday 9th September, every attendee will get a T-shirt which is included in the ticket price. To guarantee you’ll get your shirt in the right size, we ask you to buy your ticket before the 15th August. At the checkout page, you’ll be asked for your shirt size.


At this point we want to say thank you to our shirt supplier Shirthouse. The friendly and small company operates from Schönbühl near Bern. They supported us by giving us a really good offer.


A grey and a green T-shirt with the WordCamp Bern logo on it
Mockup of the WordCamp Bern T-shirts

The shirts are going to be in a dark grey tone. At the WordCamp, Volunteers will wear a green shirt. The imprint will be made with the negative logo in white and red. It will be silk-screen printed at a big size on the front of the shirt.

We are looking forward to getting our shirts. We hope you are too.

The story of the WordCamp Bern logo

When we began organising our WordCamp, I agreed to adopt some design tasks including to design the logo.

Brief history about WordCamps in Switzerland

On 9.9.2017, the fifth WordCamp will take place in Switzerland. After last year’s WordCamp in Geneva, it will be the second time the Swiss WordCamp is named after the host city instead. This is why we couldn’t take the former WordCamp Switzerland logo and needed a new one.

Idea sketches

I started to collect ideas and made sketches. I was able to show these to my teammates and which we used as a base to make a decision. Obviously, the aim was to create a logo which presents the city of Bern as well as the WordPress community.

Idea sketches for our logo

Ulrich had the idea to include the towns landmark “Zitgloggeturm” (a clock tower) or its artistic clock face. I tried this in sketch 1 and 4. As other WordCamps did it before, I tried to combine the WordPress logo and the panorama of the city (see sketch 2). For idea 3 I was inspired by the photo of Hurni Christoph. The image shows the Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge and the Bundeshaus (government building) and was taken down from the river Aare.

We decided to take the idea no. 3 further.

WordPress Switzerland logo

At the same time, I refreshed a former logo I made a few years ago for a Google+ group. Mark liked it and used it for the WordPress Slack and Github group. For this reason, I also included it in our WordCamp logo.

Logo WordPress Switzerland


Once the decision was made, I started to make the idea an reality in Illustrator. The team liked the result. There were only a few corrections to made to do with the position of the Swiss cross. In addition, we had a few discussions about the colours.

Logo design variations

Aare – Green

The final logo consists of the shade of greys #495057 and #868E96, the red #f03e3e for the Swiss cross and the green #50AFA0. There are also two negative versions in white or in white and the mentioned red.

Mark suggested the green which matches the colour of the river Aare. Moreover, the shape of the green represents the river, which loops round the beautiful old town.

Corporate design of the WordCamp Bern


I had a lot of fun designing the logo and design concept for our WordCamp. With this post, I hope I could show you that as well and that we accomplished it as a team.

We also have made a new PDF factsheet to explain to our potential sponsors what this event is all about.

Factsheet WordCamp Bern

Get your #wcbrn banners for your website

We know you are excited going to WordCamp Bern and you obviously want to show the world. So, today we are releasing banners you can use to show the world your support for WordCamp Bern. These awesome banners were designed by our designer Stefan Brechbühl. Thank you, Stefan!

Feel free to link to https://2017.bern.wordcamp.org/ and also, please don’t hotlink these files. Download by right clicking on the images and selecting “Download Image As…” and upload to your website! Thank you ❤️

Download an image and put it on your website. Let everyone know you’re attending, volunteering sponsoring or speaking. p.s. keep in mind that we’re still selecting speakers, so you should hear back from us before using this one 😉

I'm attending!  We're sponsoring!

I'm speaking!  I'm volunteering!

We need your help – AKA Call for Organisers

We have secured a venue and date for the next Swiss WordCamp in Bern. We need a bit more help to be able to make this a great event. We need help with the following items:

We also need help with organizing the event.

  • We will be organising an “after party” for the attendees to be able to socialize after the event. Let us know if you have a recommendation for a location in Bern where we can serve drinks and snacks to about 100 to 150 people. We need help planning the party and getting quotes from restaurants.
  • We need catering for the lunch on the day of the conference.  Some of us are planning to attend the Street Food Festival in Bern on 19th or 20th May. We need help organising the catering.
  • As a little thank you to the speakers, sponsors and volunteers we will organizing a dinner of Friday evening before the event. We need help organising this event too.
  • So that everyone knows about the event we need some marketing. This would involve helping with regular social media, writing posts and getting articles in the local newspapers.

If would like to help out contact us via email or leave a suggestion in via the comments.

Call for Speakers

We are looking for speakers to share their knowledge, skill, experience and stories within our welcoming community at WordCamp Bern on 9th September 2017. Maybe you know about theme and plugin development, or perhaps you’ve created a great platform using WordPress.

All topics and ideas are welcome: we only ask that you follow these guidelines when choosing your topic.

  • Your proposal should be related to WordPress, or immediately applicable and relevant to our WordPress audience.
  • Your proposal should be respectful of the WordPress community, the WordCamp code of conduct, and the GPL.


Lightning talk: 10 minutes, without a question round.

Long-form talk: 30 minutes including a question round. You should plan to complete your talk in about 25 minutes, with approx. 5 minutes at the end for questions.

Panel: 30 minute discussion amongst up to four people, all answering questions from the audience about a specific topic.

Workshops: about an hour each, in the form of sessions run by an instructor covering a specific topic within WordPress.


You are welcome to give your talk either in German or English, it’s up to you. Your talk may reach a wider audience if you present in English, as we expect to welcome attendees from all over Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

Submission deadline

The deadline is 23rd June 2017 at midnight. We will inform all applicants by 10th July whether their proposal has been accepted or not.

Apply as a speaker

Do you have a topic you would like to talk about? Great! We are looking for a great and diverse speaker submission pool. Both new and experienced WordCamp speakers are welcome to apply.

Don’t be shy: you don’t need to be an expert, a programmer or a designer to submit a proposal! All we ask is that you be able to present your chosen topic passionately and respectfully.

Call for speakers have closed.

Call for Sponsors

WordCamps are non-profit events, organized by people from within the community on a voluntary basis. Regular meetups in Swiss towns and cities like Bern, Luzern, Zurich and Geneva all contribute towards a strong sense of community, and Swiss WordCamps give local and international friends and colleagues the opportunity to participate, share ideas, get to know each other, and exchange knowledge and ideas about how to improve WordPress and the sites it powers.

To help make WordCamp Bern 2017 a success, we’re looking for sponsors in the following categories.

Gold: CHF 2500 (Not available)

  • Large space to demo / chat with attendees / give away goodies
  • On projector/slides between presentations (large size)
  • Acknowledgment and thanks in opening and closing remarks
  • 3 free tickets
  • 3 spots for speakers’ dinner on Friday evening
  • Name and logo on the WordCamp Bern website
  • Individual blog post thanking sponsors shared on social media

Silver: CHF 1000 (Not available)

  • Small space to demo / chat with attendees / give away goodies
  • Acknowledgment and thanks in opening and closing remarks
  • On projector/slides between presentations (smaller size)
  • 2 free tickets
  • 2 spots for speakers’ dinner on Friday evening
  • Name and logo on the WordCamp Bern website
  • Shared blog post thanking sponsors shared on social media

Bronze: CHF 500

  • Shared space to demo / chat with attendees / give away goodies
  • Acknowledgment and thanks in opening and closing remarks
  • On projector/slides between presentation (smaller size)
  • 1 free ticket
  • 1 spot for speakers’ dinner on Friday evening
  • Name and logo on the WordCamp Bern website
  • Shared blog post thanking sponsors

Micro: CHF 150

  • 1 ticket included
  • Name and logo on the WordCamp Bern website
  • You can buy a ticket at CHF 150 on the ticket page


If your company would like to support this open source event, download our Factsheet and fill out the form below.

Please take a moment now to read the agreement among WordCamp organizers, speakers, sponsors and volunteers.

The next Swiss WordCamp is coming to Bern!

We’re happy to announce that the next Swiss WordCamp is going to be held in Bern this autumn! The organizers have been able to secure the UniS conference location, near Bern’s main train station, and we’d love it if you could join us on Saturday 9th September.

This website will be regularly updated as more details are confirmed over the coming months, including speaker submissions, ticket sales and more! We’re also arranging a Contributor Day for Friday 8th September: more details are here.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date via social media, you can follow us @wordcampbern, on Facebook, or in the WordPress Switzerland Slack channel. Stay tuned for details!