Our WordCamp shirts

At the next Swiss WordCamp in Bern on Saturday 9th September, every attendee will get a T-shirt which is included in the ticket price. To guarantee you’ll get your shirt in the right size, we ask you to buy your ticket before the 15th August. At the checkout page, you’ll be asked for your shirt size.


At this point we want to say thank you to our shirt supplier Shirthouse. The friendly and small company operates from Schönbühl near Bern. They supported us by giving us a really good offer.


A grey and a green T-shirt with the WordCamp Bern logo on it
Mockup of the WordCamp Bern T-shirts

The shirts are going to be in a dark grey tone. At the WordCamp, Volunteers will wear a green shirt. The imprint will be made with the negative logo in white and red. It will be silk-screen printed at a big size on the front of the shirt.

We are looking forward to getting our shirts. We hope you are too.